Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

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Malioboro,The Biggest Shop Center
Malioboro is the biggest shopping centre in Yogyakarta, in DIY Yogyakarta. It located in center of Yogyakarta near Tampin (Taman Pintar) and Monumen Serangan Umum 1 Maret. Actually, Malioboro is not a building but it is a street.
Malioboro is also for shopping beside for a recreation place. There are many interesting place in Malioboro,like distro,hotel,mall,restaurant and many more. It is a good place for spending a lot of money.
There are many facilities there like mosque,toilet and etc. It free to use. In Malioboro the tourist can choose what they want because there so many variety store. If you want to buy clothes you can to distro or mall, or if you want to buy some special snack from Yogya like "Bakpia Patok" you can buy it in special snack store that can found along in Malioboro Street.
Malioboro is a big place but very good and clean place, it's very "terawat"(bhs inggriske pliz) so make that place beautiful. If you have no much money you can still enjoy Malioboro, you can just walk around or see around and eyecatching.

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